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Learn to drive manual in Austin

Manual transmission driving lessons here in Austin. Learn how to drive stick on our vehicles in a safe, fun, and effective way!

Learn on our car

2-3 hours of seat time

Real world training

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From total beginner to smooth and confident in under two hours

I've taught dozens of people in the Austin how to drive manual. I've continually refined a lesson plan and have it down to a science.


With my experience and your skills (they're in you already, I feel it) I can take you from 0 to smooth and confident in under two hours.

Available Courses

Just The Basics

Focuses on low speed, parking lot driving. There is no on-road training with this package.​ This course is mostly aimed towards dealership employees or valets.

  • How to get the car moving

  • How to safely pull into a parking space

  • How to prevent clutch wear 

45 minutes | $135
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Beginners Course

Comprehensive course for those with little or no experience.

  • How to start and stop

  • How to change gears

  • How to park and reverse

  • Steep hills, speed bumps, and traffic

  • Avoiding common mistakes and bad habits

1hr 45 min | $225

Beginners+ Course

Same as Beginners course with an extra hour of practice. People who purchase this class often leave with greater confidence and it gives me more time to teach more advanced skills.

  • rev-matching

  • more time on public roads

  • smooth upshift techniques

3hr | $345
  • Why should I pick Learn Manual ATX?
    This is the ONLY manual transmission driving course in Austin, Texas that has a dedicated instructor and car. Other services sub-contract teachers who may have never taught someone how to drive stick!
  • What should I wear?
    Comfortable clothing with closed toe shoes. No flip flops or heels please.
  • What is the best restaurant in Austin?
    The Chili's on 45th and Lamar. Easy!
  • Has anyone not been able to learn?
    Never. I've taught nearly 100 people in the Austin area and not a single person has walked away without the skills to drive stick. Some people pick it up quicker than others, but everyone leaves with the ability to drive a manual transmission!
  • Why do I need a teacher vs. figuring it out on my own?
    You will likely pick up bad habits, damage the vehicle, and put your safety at risk by trying to figure it out on your own. A clutch replacement alone can run thousands of dollars, damaged transmissions are even more expensive to fix. For your safety and for the sake of the car you drive, an instructor is highly encouraged.
  • I will be renting a car during a trip overseas; will learning how to drive stick be necessary?
    Absolutely! Being able to drive a manual car will undoubtedly expand your rental options abroad, as many countries still predominantly use manual transmissions. Many of our clients come to us for this exact reason.
 Learn to Drive Manual in Austin | Drive Manual Atx

Meet your instructor

Howdy, I'm Mason

Life long car addict and staunch advocate for the manual transmission. After teaching family members and friends how to drive stick, he realized there was a huge issue in Austin.

No, not gentrification (well, that too), but there's thousands of people who want to learn manual, but don't have access to a teacher or a car with a stick. He started Learn Manual ATX to solve this issue and get more people driving the greatest transmission.

He also writes biographies about himself in the third person and isn't that great at website design, apologies. 

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